Mozaic Full Size 10-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress, Blue

Price: $269.99 & FREE Shipping

  • Poly-cotton Blend
  • Memory Foam – mattress is made from high quality, dual sided memory foam made from polyester
  • Standard Full Size Mattress – 75″x54″x10″ thick, fits any standard Full size futon frame, sold separately
  • Cotton Twill Tufted Cover – mattress is covered in cotton twill
  • Durable and Comfortable – mattress is reversible and made to be used in a futon folded in upright sofa position or flat in a bed position
  • Made in the USA – handmade mattress is proudly made in the USA following federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633

Tybalt:” It arrived in a box that it sure will never go back into. It is really compressed when you get it. It is rolled up from one end to the other, no folding of mattress. I took it out and spread it on the floor. After a few hours, it had expanded and so I put it on futon and it was fine. However, the next morning I went in, and it had completed filling out. IT IS THICK! Easy 10 inches of solid mattress. After sitting on a four inch mattress and feeling the bars of the frame on our rears for years, this is a welcome change.

Other reviews have commented on the odor it has, and it sure does have an odor. It is very noticeable. I can tell you EXACTLY what it smells like. It smells like a freshly painted room. That is what it smells like when you walk into the room, fresh paint.

Edit: After one month the odor seems to be completely gone. ONCE IN A WHILE, I get a slight whiff of paint, but almost never.

The ONLY problem is that the much thicker mattress keeps slipping down and sticking out too far at the bottom.

EDIT: Purchased the “Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Mattress Gripper Pad” and spread it under the mattress on the metal bar frame. I ordered the BIG piece and it covers the metal frame from top to bottom. The slipping of the mattress has COMPLETELY stopped. “

VincentPatsdieharder75:” My wife and I moved and we were temporarily sleeping on a sofa bed which was taking its toll on us both physically and emotionally. I decided to purchase a futon mattress until we could afford to purchase a box spring and mattress. I couldn’t have made a better decision with this mattress. Packaged very well. The minute we removed the packaging and the mattress unfolded into our lives I knew we made a good choice. The comfort of this mattress is amazing. My wife tried it upon opening it and after finding the right place for it she fell asleep on it for a couple hours. I’ve slept great and have been more relaxed in the morning since purchase. It feels so amazing and comfortable to lay down on this mattress at the end is the day. My wife is so happy she no longer wants to purchase a bed. She doesn’t want to change the way she currently sleeps. I love this mattress. I’m so glad we bought it. I highly recommend this purchase to everyone. “